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ES Consulting

Golden Seal Enterprises (GSE) provides state-of-the-art Electronic Security (ES) systems that can easily be integrated with our other services to provide a comprehensive security solution tailored to your unique needs.

Our Electronic Security teams provide expert advice and guidance on how to protect your physical infrastructure from potential security threats. Electronic security systems play a vital role in enhancing the security of your property, assets, and employees by providing real-time monitoring and recording of events. 

Consulting services include site surveys, camera placement recommendations, system design, installation, and maintenance. By partnering with an experienced consultant, you can ensure that your security camera system is optimized to provide maximum coverage and protection. Whether you’re a small business owner or manage a large corporation, GSE can help you secure your property and provide peace of mind knowing that your assets are protected.

Video Surveillance

GSE’s Video Surveillance (VS) systems are entirely network based and every IP camera has megapixel resolution to ensure the important details such as faces, license plates, and identifying details can be captured. By utilizing hemispheric technology, our VS systems can provide 180-degree panoramic and 360-degree hemispheric views, which provide complete situational overview and remove all blind spots. Many of our IP cameras also have multiple sensors, meaning a single camera can record activity on the inside of a building and the outside at the same time. VS Features include:

  • Megapixel Resolution
  • Hemispheric Technology
  • Dual Lens Technology
  • Thermal Imaging
  • 2-Way SIP Audio
  • PoE and Battery Powered
  • Over 80,000 MTBF
  • Decentralized and Centralized System Architecture
  • Managed by PC, MAC, or Mobile

Video Analytics

Video analytics enable our Video Surveillance (VS) systems to be proactive in responding to crimes in progress and reduce time spent by the end user in reviewing footage. For example, our VS systems provide notifications based on trespassers via phone call, email, text message or software pop-up on a PC, MAC, and/or mobile device. Video analytics include:

  • Activity Analytics to Reduce False Events
  • Trespassing Notifications
  • Loitering Notifications
  • Directional, Speed, and GPS Location Notifications
  • Audio Notifications – Gunshot, Scream, etc.
  • Retail Analytics – People Counting & Heat Mapping
  • Intelligent Search & Playback

Access Control

GSE combines the most reliable electronic locks with modern network-based access control systems to provide systems that have unlimited growth and connectivity. By using a DoorStation, the user can view, communicate with, and open the door for a visitor while onsite or remotely via a PC, MAC, and/or mobile device.

Access Control typically relies on an RIFD card or a PIN to grant access into secure locations. However, by deploying biometrics readers, users only need fingerprints or a face to gain entry into the secured locations. This removes the security issues with lost or borrowed RFID cards and PINs and ensures only the approved user can have access. Access Control system features include:

  • Intelligence at the Edge – No Panels
  • IP Readers, Powered by PoE
  • Doorstations – Video, Audio, and Door Control
  • Magnetic Locks and Electronic Strikes
  • Cloud Based Software to Manage Legacy Access Control Systems
  • Detailed Reporting, Including Payroll Reports
  • Intelligent Facial Recognition Technology
  • Numerous Faces per User (with Hospital Mask and Without)
  • Sophisticated Fingerprint Recognition Technology
  • Multiple Fingerprints per User
  • Multiple Recognitions for Access (Combination of Face, Finger, PIN, or Card)

Complete Integration Consulting

Let us know how we might assist in meeting your Electronic Security needs.