Q. Is the range a public range?

No. GSE offers a Firearms Training Academy membership which requires a prospective member to complete an application and a background check is run on applicants. Once the application/member has been approved, the member signs a year agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the agreement and range use. Once the member completes the requisite 4 hours of training each quarter, the member is qualified to use the range during range hours.

Q. How much is the membership fee for a family of an active law enforcement officer or active security officer?


Q. How much is the membership fee for a couple of an active law enforcement officer or active security officer?


Q. Do you have to reserve range time?

No, but until membership numbers increase, we do ask members to communicate with the GSE Range staff if they want to use the range and when. This assists with staffing the range appropriately.

Q. If a couple or family comes to shoot, is the hourly range fee $12.50 per person per hour or $12.50 per couple/family per hour?

If you have signed up for a couple or family membership, the fee is $12.50 per COUPLE/FAMILY per hour.

Q. The terms of the membership state that I must take 4 hours of training each quarter. How does it work if I sign up for the FTA Basic Handgun class which is an 8-hour class?

This class would be broken out into two parts; the first 4 hours in one quarter and the next 4 hours in the subsequent quarter.

Q. Do members qualify for a discount on any of GSE's other courses?

Yes, all members receive a 15% discount on all GSE courses. This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other discount offered (ie. Military discount, etc.).

Q. If a member comes to shoot on the range and only uses the range for ½ an hour, is the hourly fee divided by 2?

No, any portion of an hour that is used is charged the entire $12.50 per hour rate.

Q. What is the cost to add a family member to an individual’s membership after the member has joined?

A flat fee of $75 per person for the remainder of the original member's term. Both memberships will expire the same date.

Q. What type of weapons may a member use on the range?

Any firearm up to 7.62mm/.30 cal/308 cal. rifle. No full automatic firearms or black powder/muzzle loaders.