Environmental Liability

We have helped our clients reduce their exposure and liabilities at environmental sites by identifying additional potentially responsible parties (PRPs) that may have contributed to the contamination, researching historical insurance coverage, and by uncovering factual documentation through archival research at private and public repositories to prove legal defenses.

Our Environmental Experts specialize in valuing environmental liabilities for the purposes of insurance cost recovery, litigation, remediation, and strategic environmental management. We undertake a thorough analysis of recovered documents and available information to determine the following:

  • Past and Present Owners, Operators, Transports and Generators
  • Historical Operations, Processes and Releases
  • Storage and Disposal of Hazardous Materials
  • Adjacent Property Site Use and Offsite Contamination
  • Government Involvement during Wartime
  • Remediation Technology Alternatives
  • Compliance and Regulatory History
  • Past and Future Costs / Natural Resource Damages
  • Insurance Recovery and Allocation of Costs to Available Coverage
Environmental Responsibility