Liability Management

The objective of gaining a strategic and tactical advantage over adversaries applies to disputes of all sizes. Our firm's experience is that this goal often can be achieved more effectively and less expensively by becoming more "proactive" instead of "reactive".

Our clients who have used this approach were able to successfully reduced their legal costs. More importantly, they have significantly increased the rate of dismissals for fraudulent or statute barred claims and for claims that have no merit.

We provide corporate claims management, outside counsel and government agency lawyers with the tools they need to prepare each claim for litigation, arbitration or settlement. Our approach to liability claims management programs include:

  • Litigant and adverse party background investigations
  • Expert witness background investigations
  • Medical providers / screeners investigations
  • Deposition preparation
  • Jury selection research
  • Claims analysis
  • Document review
  • Prior litigation review
  • Database tracking and claims management
  • Insurance claims support
  • Settlement negotiation and support
  • Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) claims and litigation support
  • Evidence gathering
  • Locating / interviewing witnesses