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The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA), also known as HR 218, allows qualified current law enforcement officers and qualified retired law enforcement officers to carry a concealed firearm in the United States with certain exceptions.

Qualified individuals, during the most recent 12-month period, must have met the standards for qualification in firearms training for active law enforcement officers, as determined by the former agency of the individual, the State in which the individual resides or, if the State has not established such standards, either a law enforcement agency within the State in which the individual resides or the standards used by a certified firearms instructor that is qualified to conduct a firearms qualification test for active duty officers within that State.

Eligibility Requirments

  • Be a qualified retired law enforcement officer who meets the criteria outlined in the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act, HR-218.

Topics Covered in this Course

  • Firearms Safety
  • Marksmanship Fundamentals
  • Federal & Virginia HR-218 LEOSA Requirements
  • Qualification Course

Course Type: Qualification

Course Cost: $75*

Course Duration: 2 hours

*Additional Qualifications are $25 per.

There is a 4% surcharge applied to credit card payments.

Please list the make and model you will be using to qualify with when registering for this course. 

Course Information

The course will be conducted at 230 Aviation Drive in Winchester, VA 2206.

Class begins at 8am on the day scheduled*. It is recommended that students arrive 15 minutes early.

GSE offers a student break room with a refrigerator and microwave if you’d like to bring a snack. Intermittent breaks are given as scheduled by the instructor.

*Refer to your registration form for specific dates.

  • Photo ID.
  • Note taking materials.
  • Handgun.
  • Strong 1.5”–2” wide belt to secure the shooter’s holster and magazine pouches.
  • Strong side holster ONLY with at least level one retention.
  • 3 magazines for semi-auto and 2 speed loaders for revolver.
  • Magazine pouches for 2 spare magazines or 2 speed loader pouches.
  • Eye and ear protection.
  • 100 rounds of ammo per firearm.

Students should leave firearms and ammo locked in their vehicles when checking in. Our parking lot is monitored for security purposes. The Instructor will advise students to retrieve their firearms and ammo at the appropriate time. No live ammunition is authorized inside the main building.

  • Instructors.
  • Classroom.
  • Range.
  • Targets.
  • Eye and ear protection if needed.
  • Applicable training aids/gear.
  • LEOSA qualification card.

Course attire should be presentable and appropriate to the type of course you are taking. Logos/Designs should be non-offensive and neutral in nature.

Our range is semi-enclosed but not temperature controlled. While we do have space heaters for the winter, students are advised to dress seasonally appropriate. 

Course payment is due the day of your course. You may pay with cash, check, or any major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover).

Please be advised that there is a 4% surcharge applied to credit card payments.  

No weapons are authorized to be carried during this course. If you are a sworn law enforcement officer bound by general order to carry off-duty, please identify yourself to the lead instructor upon entering the building.

If inclement weather is expected on the day of training, GSE will decide to cancel/delay class start time no later than 6am the morning of the training. For students outside the area, please pay attention to the forecast in Frederick County as it often differs from areas east of the Shenandoah Valley.

This will be an educational experience and a great time for everyone involved. If you have any further questions, please contact us. Thank you and we look forward to training with you.

Karl Dear
Director of Training
Golden Seal Enterprises, Inc.
VA DCJS Training School #88-1476

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