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Security Consulting

GSE understands the need for providing a definitive direction in the protection of your executives, assets, locations, and operations.  Through the use of our security surveys and vulnerability assessments we can develop a cost-effective, long term plan to protect your organization from known and predicted threats.

Our security consulting services encompass a range of critical functions, including risk assessments, physical security reviews, vulnerability testing, site surveys, and threat avoidance procedures. These reviews enable GSE to identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities, evaluate current security measures, and develop targeted solutions to enhance security.

GSE will work with your organization to implement training of assigned security personnel, ensuring they are equipped to handle potential threats and emergencies. Crisis response plan development and formulation of corporate succession plans are also key components of a comprehensive security review. GSE works closely with our clients to develop security plans that address potential security risks and helps to ensure the safety of people, assets, and operations. 

Executive Security

GSE conducts executive protection services globally for corporations, governments, prominent individuals and families. Our team members are experienced in developing, managing, and conducting protective details at all levels. We have experience in protective environments ranging from grade schools to some of the most hostile areas on the planet. At GSE, our goal is to create and provide a comprehensive and continually evolving executive protection program designed especially for you and your needs.

  • Security assessments and protective intelligence gathering.
  • Development of complete security systems to include alarms, monitors, and safe rooms.
  • Comprehensive review and training of current executive protection programs.
  • Complete protective details for domestic or international operations.
  • Corporate Aviation Security and Safety.
  • Maritime Security Operations.
  • Domestic and International Intelligence Support.

Security Guard Services

GSE provides both Armed and Unarmed Uniformed Security Officers. Security Guard Services play a critical role in safeguarding people, property, and assets. GSE’s Security Officers are highly trained professionals who can detect and deter criminal activity, respond quickly to emergencies, and provide a visible security presence to deter potential criminals.

Having a trained security professional on-site minimizes the risk of loss or damage to your property and assets and ensures the safety of your employees, customers, or guests.

  • Monitor and manage access to a property, building, or event, ensuring only authorized individuals are allowed entry.
  • Regular patrols of a property, checking for any suspicious activity or potential security threats.
  • Security personnel are trained to respond to emergencies, such as fires, medical incidents, or criminal activity, and can coordinate with law enforcement or emergency services as needed.
  • Monitor security cameras in real-time to identify potential security threats and respond appropriately.
  • Prevention of theft and vandalism by monitoring high-risk areas and deterring criminal activity.
  • On-site alarm and incident response.

Event Security

GSE provides complete security and management services for special events such as business conferences, VIP gatherings, exhibitions, or any other event where security is a concern. We strive to reflect the sophistication and quality of the event while working with finesse and discretion. Our security managers are experienced in working with the media, supporting agencies, and site management. GSE’s event security teams are designed to enhance your event through professionalism and peace of mind.

  • Assisting event coordinators in site selection.
  • Advance teams to survey the site and coordinate with the required elements, such as the media, local authorities, EMS, and facility staff.
  • Facilitate special needs of attendees or keynote speakers.
  • Develop a crisis management plan, to include meeting points and evacuation procedures.
  • Provide a low key security presence when needed or an assertive posture for events that may attract controversial attention.
  • Access point management and control.
  • VIP transportation to and from the event.

Comprehensive Security Consulting

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