Event Security

GSE provides complete security and management services for special events such as business conferences, VIP gatherings, exhibitions, or any other event where security is a concern. We strive to reflect the sophistication and quality of the event while working with finesse and discretion.  Our security managers are experienced in working with the media, supporting agencies and site management.  GSE’s event security teams are designed to enhance your event through professionalism and peace of mind.

Event Security Solutions Details include:

  • Assisting event coordinators in site selection.
  • Advance teams to survey the site and coordinate with required. elements such as the media, local authorities, EMS, and facility staff.
  • Facilitate special needs of attendees or keynote speakers.
  • Develop a crisis management plan, to include meeting points and evacuation procedures.
  • Provide a low key security presence when needed or an assertive posture for events that may attract controversial attention.
  • Access point management and control.
  • VIP transportation to and from the event.
Event Security Services