Awareness Programs

GSE offers domestic and international security awareness courses to individuals, schools and corporations that are designed to teach students how to identify potential threats and employ individual security measures.

  • Domestic

Our Domestic Awareness programs are designed to provide practical, self-applied security measures to everyday situations our clients find themselves in.  These courses focus on the client being proactive rather than reactive by teaching the client how to best avoid potential threats and maintaining a security conscious mindset.

  • International

Simply knowing the in’s and out’s of a certain location can provide a client with increased comfort and confidence when traveling to a particular destination. Our program is designed to take the client through every aspect of international travel as well as provide them with valuable knowledge on how to keep themselves safe while traveling abroad.  Our staff is also able to assist you in the planning of your trip and make recommendations based off their personal experiences.

Due to the wide range of options available, course lengths and pricing for our Awareness Programs are done on a case-by-case basis. Please call or email us for additional information.