GSE Advanced Courses


GSE Pistol Craft 202
Course Length: 8 Hours                                                 Course Cost: $200

Prerequisite: GSE PC 101 or equivalent.

Course Description: Pistol Craft 202 is designed to take the intermediate shooter and push them to more advanced skills.  Stress is always applied, whether it is speed or accuracy, the shooter will always be pushed to make better or faster shots.  As with PC 101, each drill is a building block for the next drill while always honing the previous skills. PC 202 will not only review the topics from PC 101, but it will also include: different shooting positions, using cover, one-handed pistol manipulations and moving targets.

The focus of this course is to drive the shooter into and more advanced level of shooting and understanding the affects that stress has on the body and mind while still being able to think their way through problems.

Topics Covered: Review of fundamentals, one-handed pistol manipulations, tactical reloading, unorthodox shooting positions, shooting from protected positions and shooting at moving targets.

GSE Pistol Craft 303
Course Length: 8 Hours                                                 Course Cost: $250

Prerequisite: GSE PC 202 or equivalent.

Course Description: Pistol Craft 303 is designed to add depth as a third dimension to the shooting environment, meaning some targets may be closer than others.  In Pistol Craft 101 / 202, shooters are introduced to the drawing of the pistol, engaging multiple and moving targets, shooting from different positions and the mechanics of shooting on the move.  In PC 303, the shooter is trained to move towards various points of cover and engage targets as they become visible while still avoiding potential “no-shoot” targets. 

The main goal of PC 303 is to emphasize the importance of situational awareness and to not get caught in the “tunnel vision” of focusing on a single target.

Topics Covered: Judicious use of deadly force, situational awareness and mind-set, review of safety and fundamentals of marksmanship, target identification, moving targets, multiple targets, cover and concealment and safe movement from one point of cover to another.

GSE Pistol Craft 404
Course Length: 8 Hours                                                 Course Cost: $300

Prerequisite: GSE PC 303 or equivalent. 18 years or older.

Course Description: Pistol Craft 404 is designed as the culmination of the GSE Pistol Craft series and has a scenario based concept.  Students will review and practice the legal concepts for the judicious use of deadly force during practical exercises were they must decide whether or not they should shoot a particular target.  It also introduces the student to the reality of a critical incident where the “bad guy” may be shooting back. 

Students and Instructors will be using Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) equipment which includes specially designed NON-LETHAL projectiles which identify if they are hit.  Golden Seal Enterprises will supply all UTM equipment for this course.  Due to the length of the practical exercises, this course is limited to a maximum number of ten students.

Topics Covered: Review of safety / fundamentals of marksmanship, target identification and the judicious use of deadly force.

GSE No Light/Low Light 2 Course
Course Length: 5 Hours                                                   Course Cost: $225

Prerequisite: GSE Low / No Light (or previous LE / Mil experience).

Course Description: Level 2 of the GSE Low / No Light course is designed to simulate a home invasion during the night.  Instead of engaging targets at set distances and in a completely linear state, the student will now be tasked with “moving from one room to another”, handling a flashlight or using ambient light of the room, manipulating a firearm with the goal of safely reaching his / her loved ones.  Shooters will be tasked with making decisions whether or not a specific target needs to be engaged and how to effectively and safely move around objects like dressers and bookshelves in a low light environment.

Topics Covered: Review of safety and fundamentals, target identification, use of ambient lighting and flashlights, moving targets, multiple targets, cover and concealment and safe movement from one point of cover to another.

Note: This course requires a minimum of four (4) students. If we do not meet the minimum number of students required 7 days out from the first day of class, the course will be canceled.

GSE Carbine 2.0 Course
Course Length: 8 Hours                                                Course Cost: $150

Prerequisite:Be a minimum of 18 years old or accompanied by a legal guardian and a United States Citizen or legal resident alien of the United States. GSE Intro to Carbine or DCJS 10E Patrol Rifle endorsement.

Course Description: This course is designed for shooters that have a basic foundation in carbine shooting and are looking to move into more intermediate skills and drills. Shooters will become more familiar with carbine shooting through application of fundamentals while moving onto more advanced carbine tactics and techniques. This class is considered the second evolution in our complete carbine course package.

Topics Covered: Firearms Safety, Compressed Fundamentals of Carbine Marksmanship, Zero Confirm, Tactical Reloads, Gear Considerations, Malfunctions & Stoppages, Presentation, Timed Stress Drills and Basic Movement while shooting.

GSE Advanced Firearms Instructor Course
Course Length: 40 Hours                                                  Course Cost: $650

Prerequisite: Be a United States Citizen or legal resident alien of the United States. Be a current firearms instructor in some capacity (NRA, LE, Private Security, etc.).

Course Description: This course will present firearms instructors with the ability to establish instructional objectives, discuss adult learning styles, implement adult learning strategies, and discuss methods of evaluating course effectiveness. To successfully complete this course, participants must be able to prepare, in writing, a training class which includes course objectives, a course outline, and a detailed lesson plan for a course of 1 hour in length. In addition, students must also deliver a 10 minute oral presentation of a firearms training topic, preferably the one they developed for this course using the techniques emphasized in this program. Student will participate in several live fire drills and qualification exercises to include low/no light, barricade and disabled officer.

Topics Covered: The Instructor Role, Adult Learning Styles, Evaluating Course Effectiveness, Technical Knowledge, Presentation and Application, Range Presence, Range Commands, Low Light Firing Drills, Barricade Firing Drills, Disabled Officer Firing Drills, Range Medical procedures and Range Safety.

GSE Advanced Tactical/Emergency Medical Training (TAC Med III)
Course Length: 16 Hours                                                  Course Cost: $700

Prerequisite:  GSE TacMed Training I and II, or appropriate military/government agency letter requesting training.

Course Description: The GSE Advanced Emergency Medical Training Course is a 16 hour course designed to provide classroom and practical training on medical techniques used to identify and treat wounds and life threatening injuries in the tactical environment. The subjects covered provide the student with the skills to identify, assess, and treat possible injuries in a hostile environment where EMS is not available or is an extended amount of time away. This course is appropriate for local, state, and federal LE teams such as SWAT, CRT/ERT and Military and Government agencies working in hostile/high threat environments.  Minimum class size is 4 students.    At the conclusion of this course, students will take home an Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) designed for the hostile/high threat environment.

Topics Covered: Basic Anatomy, Wounds and threats typical of the hostile environment, Assessment of a casualty in a hostile environment, Treatment of life threatening wounds, Application of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (T-CCC), Use of the MARCH and CAB/X-ABC acronyms, Use of tourniquets and bandages, Advanced airway and breathing care, Tactics in providing medical care, Casualty movement techniques,  Surviving a critical incident, Mission medical planning and logistics, Prolonged time in casualty movement, and Management of hypothermia in a traumatic patient.