GSE Military / Law Enforcement


GSE Executive Protection Course
Course Length: 72 Hours (6 Consecutive Days)                                    Course Cost: $1,800

Prerequisite: Introduction to Executive Protection work, Assessment of Threat and Protectee Vulnerability, Legal Authority and Civil Law, Protective Detail Planning and Operations, Emergency First Aid and CPR, Introduction to Tactical Medicine, Site Advances, Surveillance Detection, Defensive Tactics, Vehicle Searches for IEDs and Motorcade Operations.

Course Description: This course requires a minimum of six (6) students. If we do not meet the minimum number of students required 7 days out from the first day of class, the course will be canceled.

GSE Advanced Firearms Clinics
Course Length: 2-hour increments                                                     Course Cost: $40

Perquisite: Military/Law Enforcement only.

Course Description: GSE offcers advanced firearms training with a time and cost effective solution specifically designed for Military and Law Enforcment. These classes are available at GSE's training facility and tactical range in 2-hour increments for $40 per student, up to 20 students. GSE also can provide these classes at your range in a 6-hour session for a flat rate of $650 for up to 20 students.

Clinics Include

Discretionary Shooting Scenarios: GSE's discretionary shooting scenarios incorporate a shootable movie screen in our Tactical range which puts the officer in the scene. The officer uses his or her issued firearm and ammunition. After each scenario, the officer can review his or her decision-making, speed and accuracy by playing back the scenario.

Low/No Light Course: GSE's tactical range can provide blackout conditions during the day for officer training in a variety of low/no-light conditions with and without illumination devices. By adding the use of cover, moving targets, and teamwork, we create real-world challenges that are navigated in the dark.

Dynamic Range Course Competition : GSE creates custom scenarios designed to challenge the officer's balance, stamina, and perception in a timed live-fire competition. These dynamic enviroments include: physical stressors on fine and gross motor skills, increased heart rate, fast movements, ladders, realisitc cover, moving targets and limited viewing angles.

Each shooter/class can be video recorded for purposes of playback review for critiquing and skill enhancement.

M4/M-16 Familiarization Course for Military Applicants
Course Length: 8 Hours                                                                   Course Cost: $125

Perquisite: This course is designed for D.E.P personnel that are referred by their recruiting station.

Course Description: This course is designed to familiarize students with the M4/M-16 platform and to develop a basic foundation of shooting skills with the carbine rifle. This course focuses on the fundamentals of the carbine rifle and weapon familiarization.

GSE Introduction to Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Course
Course Length: 16 Hours                                                                  Course Cost: $350

Prerequisite: Military/Law Enforcement only.

Course Description: GSE teaches the fundamental principles of CQB. Students focus on learning CQB strategies, individual responsibilites, team communication, and clearing tactics in a variety of indoor enviroments.

Notes:There is no live fire or range time involved with our Introductory CQB course. All drills use simulation/marking rounds.

GSE Intermediate Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Course
Course Length: 24 Hours                                                                  Course Cost: $500

Prerequisite: Military/Law Enforcement only.

Course Description: Continues the development of CQB tactics and introduces force-on-force exercises, barricades, wounded civilians, trap detection, stealth techniques.

GSE Instructors Quarters Combat (CQC) Course
Course Length: 16 Hours                                                                  Course Cost: $350

Prerequisite: Military/Law Enforcement only.

Course Description: CQB training accidents typically happen due to a lack of instructor training. GSE's instructor course trains-the-trainer on how to safely prepare CQB scenarios that can be created on your firearms range.

Notes: There is no live fire or range time involved with our Basic CQB course. All drills use simulation/makring rounds.

GSE Advanced Firearms Instructor Course
Course Length: 44 Hours                                                                  Course Cost: $650

Prerequisite: Be a United States Citizen or legal resident alien of the United States. Be a current firearms instructor in some capacity (NRA, LE, Private Security, etc.).

Course Description: GSE is proud to be part of the Penn State University (PSU) program to offer our Advanced Firearms Instructor Course, which includes Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for law enforcement and legal professionals. This course is designed to improve the training effectivness of firearms instructors as advanced theory and exercies will be discussed and performed using live fire drills.

Topics Covered: The Instructor Role, Adult Learning Styles, Evaluating Course Effectiveness, Technical Knowledge, Presentation and Application, Range Presence, Range Commands, Low Light Firing Drills, Barricade Firing Drills, Disabled Officer Firing Drills, Range Medical procedures and Range Safety.