Training Testimonials

I have been trained by the U.S. State Dept., USCG, DEA, RCMP, and other agencies around the world in my former career as a Narcotics Interdiction LEO. When I compare that training to this course, I find that this is by far one of my best experiences. The only critique I would have is the time frame alloted for the syllabus. I would definitely want to receive further training here.


GSE Maritime Personal Protection Specialist Course

GSE's facilitation of this course was an extremely fulfilling experience. The facility encompasses every need, which makes it conducive for professional training. I found new and beneficial information in this course; i.e. the illumination of choke points through route analysis. Additionally, Maritime security was a valuable presentation which introduced us to a new dynamic . Lastly, I appreciated the friendliness of the staff in making and ensuring that we were taken care of so that we could be successful in our duties.


GSE Maritime Personal Protection Specialist Course

All of the instructors were excellent and presented materials in a professional manner. Delivery was A1 on point.


GSE Maritime Personal Protection Specialist Course

I found the entire training package to be highly professional, well planned and delivered. Great attention to detail.


GSE Maritime Personal Protection Specialist Course

I wanted to thank you and your staff for having me at your range on Tuesday. It was the first opportunity for me to formally learn safe tactical shooting, and I loved every minute of it. The staff at GSE is outstanding and it was a pleasure to work with them. Since my day at the range, I have been able to reflect on the information/skills that I took away from the classroom and range. It was very eye opening to the true nature of firearms and their role in my chosen career path...

Again, thank you for giving me such a great opportunity. I hope to keep in touch!

Courtney S.

Quality skills are attained by quality training, of which is orchestrated by an organization (GSE) that truly understands how to deliver. From basic fundamentals to pushing the outer edges of ones abilities, processes and repetitions to constantly build upon, proper assessments, and each instructor's attentiveness to ensure all students are fully cognitive of training materials, actions, results, and ultimately succeeds in learning while improving; I'm a sold advocate for GSE. Oh yeah, I had a great time!

David M.

VA DCJS 01I, 07R, 08R & 09R

I wanted to take a quick minute and thank you again for the great week that I spent with you in taking the DCJS General Instructor course. The environment was awesome and you truly have a staff of great professional folks. I thoroughly enjoyed the class, the facility and your staff and look forward to returning for further instruction in the near future.

Shawn H.

VA DCJS Instructor Development Course (13E)

Frank Phillips and the staff at GSE provide affordable, quality instruction that is obviously founded on sound principles and decades of actual experience. Though personally challenging, the PPS course was the perfect mix of classroom instruction, practical exercises, and team work. Just don’t try to commute to the class – it takes all the scheduled course time and then some.

James X.

VA DCJS Personal Protection Specialist (32E) Course

I wanted you to know that we had a great experience at GSE and I will recommend your business to everyone that I can. You run a high quality operation that promotes a very positive learning and developmental environment for the students. Please tell Frank I said Thank you and I look forward to training again with you all down there.

Marvin Hulsey

VA DCJS Instructor Development Course (13E)

I would like to say thank you for the quality and professionalism of your staff. I attended the 08E Course on Friday May 18th and I was blown away by the level of Expertise and Knowledge that
your instructors displayed. I have been through many different training courses and had many different instructors over the years and even though this was merely a course to add a shotgun endorsement to my DCJS registration I was very impressed with the knowledge and experience I
witnessed from your instructors in that class.

Jim W.

VA DCJS Shotgun (08E)

Great class, very informative and challenging. I would highly recommend this class to anyone in the profession.

Mike Sukeena

VA DCJS Personal Protection Specialist (32E) Course

I wanted to thank you for having the opportunity to train at GSE. My experience was most enjoyable and it has sparked a great interest in the personal security field. Your trainers/instructors (Denny, Greg and Veronica) are top notch! They are very knowledgeable, patient and teach very well. The GSE facilities are very nice! I have learned many things at GSE that I will use from now on. I plan to take other training classes at GSE in the future.

Ryan Kirkpatrick

VA DCJS Personal Protection Specialist (32E) Course

Thank you so much for the opportunity you afforded our group last Saturday. The class and range time was informative, engaging, well-paced and delivered professionally. I’m completely hooked! More importantly though, I’m much more capable and comfortable with handling my weapon safely and proficiently.

Laura Boynton

GSE Basic Handgun Course

Frank, I have been through most of your courses and you Denny, Marci, Duane and Greg are truly professional and have my upmost respect. This is a top notch class and I don’t personally think that it could be presented in a better manner. The part that stood out the most was the actual detail. Being able to see it all come together with different people of different abilities and structures.

Bill Crum

VA DCJS Personal Protection Specialist (32E) Course

I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you again for an exceptional experience this past week at GSE. Though my career has been in "civilian" roles, I have interacted with a full spectrum of actors in our industry; in spite of that you stand out. More than your ability or experience it is your
ingrained integrity that I hold in such regard and I typically am reserved about quipping out accolades, thank you again

Edwin Chery
Themis Investigations Agency

VA DCJS Personal Protection Specialist (32E) Course

I would like to thank you for the exceptional training session that you conducted last week
titled DCJS Approved Alternate Instructor Development Course. You provided the
information in an easy to understand format that allowed for the immediate transfer of

Being a professional technical trainer myself, I understand the many difficulties associated
with delivering critical content, and in my opinion your facilitation style is both dynamic and
engaging in every respect!

Thank you for providing an excellent training experience and I look forward to additional
training and mutually beneficial development and business partnering opportunities with
Golden Seal Enterprises, as well.

Yours truly,

Trudi Curtis
Systematic Advantage, Inc.

VA DCJS Approved Alternate Instructor Development Course

Just wanted to tell you that the FID was an EXCELLENT class. In my opinion, for what it's worth, this offering is very well structured and very nicely done.

I truly enjoyed it. Thanks to you all at GSE.

Extremely impressive.

VA DCJS Approved Alternate Firearms Instructor Course

I appreciated the small comments. I also felt that being taught by Frank elevated my level of professionalism as well as inspired me to conduct myself in a more serious manner. I know these comments do not reflect the course material but I feel like I walked away with a more focused agenda as far as my career goals and that was far more impressive than learning to be an instructor.

This was my first instructor course for DCJS, however I have been to an FAA course. I thought this was most directional and informative course I've ever taken.

Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the programs that I attended the last couple of weeks at GSE.  The facilities are very good and the cooperation on registration and payment, the instructors and the overall programs were excellent.

My thanks to you all for making these programs available even when the class registration was small.  The overall experience was excellent and your efforts are greatly appreciated!

I look forward to attending future classes and I certainly intend to share my experience with others.

Gary Forman

Golden Seal Enterprises, LLC is an outstanding organization, it is a model of how a professional security services and a training academy should operate and conduct business. This course was far above any previous courses I have attended.

Troy Jones - New Age Protection Inc.

VA DCJS Approved Alternate General Instructor Development Course

Thank you for an outstanding week of training and reinstalling the values of the High Level Training Instructor. You really are the model that anyone can and should aspire to.

John N.

VA DCJS Approved Alternate Firearms Instructor Course


I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your time and instruction. This past week was an awesome experience. I will take what you have taught me, improve on my abilities using the tools you supplied and do my best to enrich others. You have opened my eyes to a whole new horizon of opportunity and for that I will be forever thankful. You are a top notch Instructor and I will strive to become the best that I can be

Josh L.

VA DCJS Approved Alternate General Instructor Development Course

Outstanding!! The first time the idea and concept of a lesson plan has really clicked for me.

Best part of the course: The presentation of the outline and lesson plan. I enjoyed talking about the information that at first seemed so hard to put on paper.

Jay G.

VA DCJS Approved Alternate General Instructor Development Course


Wow!! Head and shoulders above the competition. Would pay twice what you are asking. Quality instruction is almost non-existent out there (Richmond Area).

On creating a lesson plan: This has opened a whole new world for me and it was easy to understand/apply.

Josh L.

VA DCJS Approved Alternate General Instructor Development Course


I want to thank you for the excellent General Instructor Development Course. It was by far one of the best if not the best training experience I have ever had. The presentation and materials were well organized and made for a very effective learning experience. I walked away with a greater confidence in my own ability to organize and deliver a dynamic presentation, that is informative, relevant and meets clear objectives and delivers real, measurable standards. I would highly recommend GSE to anyone seeking quality instruction and look forward to attending more courses in the future.

Andy Morris

VA DCJS Approved Alternate General Instructor Development Course

Hi Frank,

I'd like to say a few words about the past few days. Every time I take one of your classes, you surprise me. After the PPS class in May, I realized that you're one of the few instructors in this field (along with XXXXX and XXXXX) who has had real experience in addition to academic knowledge, who still works in the field, and who does not have a huge ego.

Again, in the General Instructor class, I was amazed by your expertise across so many different subject areas. The others were also impressed by how thorough, organized and precise you were. I really respected the way you analyzed each person and gave your critique. It didn't matter how well you knew them, you were honest.

I look forward to my next training with you.


VA DCJS Approved Alternate General Instructor Development Course

Outstanding from the start to the finish. Each day, each block was well thought out and well organized.

VA DCJS Approved Alternate General Instructor Development Course

Frank-class act!! Outstanding course, great presentation.

John N.

VA DCJS Approved Alternate General Instructor Development Course

Material was presented in an forthright manner that is conveyed with a certain ease indicating to me that the instructor is thoroughly familiar in practical application.

VA DCJS Approved Alternate General Instructor Development Course

Each topic/section of training is covered item by item and never is any aspect left unaddressed until all points of discussion are exhausted.

VA DCJS Approved Alternate General Instructor Development Course

The information followed a strategically perfect schedule that seemed only to increase as the course progressed.

VA DCJS Approved Alternate General Instructor Development Course

Compared to other courses, this course was more detail oriented and exact in the delivery of the material and what the expected outcomes of the course would be.

VA DCJS Approved Alternate General Instructor Development Course

I learned the most in that process how to improve my personal skills as an instructor. It also demonstrated how quickly with practice, we can improve our skills and gave me the motivation to continue practicing and learning.

VA DCJS Approved Alternate General Instructor Development Course

It was impossible to discredit any aspect of this course.

VA DCJS Approved Alternate General Instructor Development Course

All instructors were outstanding. Very patient and instructive. I don’t shoot and I felt more than ready to shoot when we got to the range.

Joe H.

Outstanding M-9 and M-4 course! Excellent preparation for deployment to a combat zone.

Sam S.

Instructors were incredible! Patient and observant, I could never have done as well as I did without their help.

Robert E.

Dear Frank, Denny and Ron:

I just wanted to thank you again for such an excellent basic handgun course.  I knew from George's previous experience with GSE that the class would be top-notch, but I was nonetheless extremely impressed with the knowledge and masterful instruction.   I learned a great deal and I also felt that every single detail I learned was critical (safety, technical aspects, legal ramifications, marksmanship, etc.) 

I was a bit apprehensive prior to the class, not only because I was an absolute novice but also because I'm female.  While I was the only woman in the class, you all made me feel extremely comfortable and I felt that I was taken very seriously; I really appreciated this. 

I think perhaps one of the best testaments of the class is that guns and shooting -- something, which once frightened me -- has turned into something I actually enjoy  I'm very excited to continue to develop my handgun knowledge and training, and I look forward to coming back for the advanced handgun course.

Best regards,
Jennifer Boka

VA DCJS Handgun 07E

Hi Frank,

I wanted to thank you again for the excellent training and also give you an overview of the past several days.

As you know, I did XXXX's class three years ago, so I had some knowledge of the basics. My 17 years of experience in the protection field actually didn't help me much in your course and sometimes even confused me. This was actually helpful because my ego did need reminding that I have much more to learn. Like you said, everybody makes mistakes, but you just have to learn from them and try to not do it again.

When I returned home, XXXX from XXXX called me to ask about the training. I told him I thought GSE was much better for several reasons:

1) The Instructor's personal experience (including you) and the fact they still work on details is a huge plus.

2) One of the most important things is the limited number of students you accept. As a Martial Arts Instructor, I know that it is much better if my classes are full to make more money. However, from the students' perspective, the fewer there are, the more attention each individual gets.

3) The realistic nature of the exercises was the best part of the course. The Surveillance Detection and the final practical PPS exercise was amazingly realistic.

All in all, I had a great time, learned a lot and I will be back.

Thank you, Dennis and the whole GSE family for the past week.


VA DCJS Personal Protection Specialist Course (32E)

Hi Frank & Denny,

Just a note to thank you both for spending the time and consideration for my ongoing learning. I appreciate your mentoring and the level of professionalism you provide in our training sessions.

Kind Regards,

Amazing real life experiences from all the instructors. This course was a life changing experience for me. Thank all of you.

- Sonny

VA DCJS Personal Protection Specialist Course (32E)